It is our objective to provide a work environment free from elements that would deter you from doing your best work. All concerns may be expressed through our open door policy. Management at CHUSTZ ELECTRIC, LLC. maintains this open door policy to discuss any issues you may have. Feel free to express yourself about work related or personal matters. We welcome your input.

We believe this type of communication, without interference from any outside party, is best for all concerned. Therefore, when you wish to express your problems, opinions, or suggestions, you will always find an open door and an attentive ear.

Our desire is to help each employee achieve their highest potential. We’ll do our best to provide the opportunity and offer training, education and guidance whenever possible.

 If you feel that Chustz Electric, LLC is a place for you, please use our online application below to apply today!    



The success of Chustz Electric, LLC depends upon the quality of the relationships between the Company, our employees, & our customers. Our customers’ impressions of the company and their interest and willingness to purchase from us or use our services are greatly influenced by the people who serve them. You are a company Ambassador. The more goodwill you promote, the more our customers will respect and appreciate you, the company, and its products and services.